What’s the Difference Between Low Quality and High Quality Plush Toys?

by Kyle Frink on February 2, 2017

The quality of plush toys varies greatly, and we’re not just talking about the difference between carnival or crane-operated machine stuffed animals versus exclusive custom plush toy designs.

Even the plush toys sitting on the shelves of major retailers have varying degrees of quality. But other than price, what really differentiates high quality plush toys from the rest?

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4 Reasons Why Plush Toys are Timeless

by Amy Cathey on January 26, 2017

There are several reasons why retail sales of plush toys have remained steady despite drastic changes in the economy and the growing demand for electronic devices.

In addition to spanning cultural and language barriers, plush toys continue to perform for retail markets because they are timelessly classic. No other toy is enjoyed across generations quite like a plush toy.

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5 Holiday Plush Toy Trends

by Amy Cathey on December 22, 2016

As a gift-giving option during the holidays, plush toys continue to perform for retailers and specialty stores on a consistent basis. The timeless nature of a cuddly soft toy is undeniable.

Keep the following trends in mind as you consider plush toy options for your 2017 holiday programs.

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Sourcing Fabric for Plush Toys

by Melissa Mohn on November 22, 2016

Cuddly and soft fabrics are the key to producing great plush toys. Creative and expert plush toy designers stay ahead of the pack by incorporating unique and trending fabrics into their soft toy designs. To source the highest quality, softest and most innovative fabrics, Animal Adventure works exclusively with qualified and experienced fabric markets and mills.

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How Plush Toys are Made: The Sample Making Process

by Melissa Mohn on October 26, 2016

The sample making process for plush toy manufacturing is part science, part art. As with any high-end product with a sophisticated design component, the devil is in the details.

Not all plush toy vendors, however, hold themselves to the highest standards of quality, safety,  and design. To highlight the level of detail that goes into making a plush toy, we wanted to share a broad overview of our sample making process. At the very least, you may learn why it takes a few weeks to obtain a sample of your latest vision.

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