Our Hershey’s KISSES plush is novel, decorative and collectible. Our plush KISSES have multiple uses and appeal to kids and parents. Our products feature rich, shiny fabrics - bringing fantastic presence to any room or party. Our collectible plush clips are fun for everyday use and are the perfect adornment to a backpack, a gift bag or even used as a party favors.






Hershey’s is America's most loved chocolate brand with KISSES being the most demanded confection ingredient used in kitchens across the U.S. The KISSES brand connects family and multiple generations by way of rituals like summer picnics and holiday baking. This brand is culturally relevant and forward-thinking while bringing happiness to consumers worldwide.






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Hershey KISSES are Always in Season!


KISSES plush add the perfect touch to a party!


 KISSES plush clips can be added to your favorite bag!


Celebrate with KISSES.

HERSHEY’S KISSES trademark and trade dress and the conical configuration and plume device are used under license.

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