3-in-1 Blanket, Pillow and Plush Toys

What’s soft, snuggly and sure to be any child’s next favorite blankie, pillow and best friend? It’s My Pet BlankieTM - the 3-in-1 pillow, blanket and soft toy. With 2 sizes and 8 adorable animals to choose from, it’s perfect for nap time and play time.
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Cute and cuddly, each My Pet Blankie 3-in-1 blanket pillow is a great plush toy that keeps kids and babies warm and comfortable. These 15 cute animal pillows, available in 2 sizes, are perfect for nap time and playtime. My Pet Blankie blanket pet toys are machine washable and dryer friendly!

Our pillow pets are all different plush zoo animals with the same warm & fuzzy fun!

  • Lily the Bunny
  • Fergie the Frog
  • Elliot the Elephant
  • Horton the Bear
  • Nelly the Lamb
  • Ernie the Dog
  • Manny the Monkey
  • Olivia the Owl
  • Falon the Fox
  • Delling the Duck
  • Ope the Panda
  • Chomp the Shark
  • Hopper the Hippo
  • Dallon the Dinosaur
  • Lucy the Unicorn

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