The Soft Landing™ Collection

Sit. Lean. Lay. Play.

We believe every home should feature soft goods that grow with the family and provide function and purpose. We embrace creativity with a focus on characters and how they meet the needs of children and parents. We help families create a fun home environment for the experiences they care about most.
Every Soft Landing™ item is designed and crafted to connect discerning consumers with our soft and lovable character-based products and to help shape the journey through a childhood’s many stages.
Our collection:
  • Enhancekids’ passive play moments
  • Brings innovation and deliver thoughtful design
  • Is crafted with purpose in mind
  • Provides a sense of discovery and surprise
  • Delivers in-demand specialty designs at affordable prices


Backrest Cushions

Blue Sequin




Blue Sequin

Bean Bags





Cat 2


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