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Bev Butchart

Logistics Specialist

I’ve been in the juvenile industry for over 10 years and after a brief hiatus in another industry, I’m delighted to once again be back in this field and thrilled to be part of the Animal Adventure team.  I’m anxious to learn every step of this organizations processes and strive to learn something new every day.

Personal Facts: I was born and raised in Scotland and I’m fiercely proud of my heritage.  My entire family still live in the UK and I try to go ‘home’ every chance I get.   I love to travel and spent a couple of years living in both Johannesburg, South Africa and London.  I have three grown daughters and four amazing grand-kids.  When I’m not spending time with my family,  I love to cook,  read and spending as much time as I can in and around water.  I’m also a bit of an adventurer and have checked off my bucket list, Sky-Diving, White Water Rafting, Scuba Diving off the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and Zip Lining in the rain forest.

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