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Sherrie Holman

Logistics Manager

Sherrie FunSherri

I started with Animal Adventure in 2015 after 3 years spent in the transportation area of Logistics.  I make sure our products get from our factories overseas to our US warehouses and finally to our customers.  I focus on managing bookings with forwarders and ship lines, warehouse management, inventory management, and most importantly on-time and accurate fulfillment of orders.  The company has grown so much in just the last 5 years and I’m excited to see where we go from here.

Personal Facts: I graduated from the University of Minnesota and studied abroad at the University of Tasmania in Australia.  I’ve traveled to over 40 countries in my life so far, including working for a company in Slovakia for a year and volunteering in Cusco, Peru.  In my spare time I enjoy biking, kayaking, hiking, and playing with my dog, a dachshund named Henry, and a cat, a Maine Coon named Neko.

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