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With eyes filled to the brim with wonder and hands so small, you can’t help but marvel at their pint-sized perfection, our little ones are our light. Each year, Animal Adventure thoughtfully curates a line of sweet surprises and cozy cuddles that are perfectly sized to comfort little ones as they learn to explore the world with their senses or drift away into dreamland.

Features we know you’ll love!

Some of our favorites!


The most pleasing of contrasts. Our Lunellas line features beautiful black and white illustrated design, accented with light wood rattle handles and lovies filled with soothing crinkle material – the perfect addition to any nursery room!


A masterpiece on every item. Our Watercolor Cove features a gorgeous watercolor print on an ever-trending sea-life assortment. Soft teether fins, melodic 3-piece chimes housed in an adorable plush shell and the softest of fabrics make this assortment an under the sea dream!


This line is nothing short of magical. Custom floral and foliage prints, paired with the softest of fabrics, make this assortment an automatic favorite at the baby shower and in your little one’s heart!

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